Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scam artists or the art of scamming.

So these two people came to my door yesterday. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't the UPS man with my Athenas box, but I greeted them as any other.

They were very polite by never introduced themselves; Which at the time, I took no notice of.
They told me that they were doing a project for their class (never a school name nor type of class or anything) where they needed to talk to people to help improve eye contact, speech, not spitting on people, etc.

They asked me a few questions what I did for hobbies, what I was going to school for, that kind of thing. Then explained that they were selling magazines for a trip to Bermuda or Cancun or one other place. They gave me a couple of stock cards laminated in some cheap thick plastic and explained how they got points for selling magazines. These cards were nothing more than a bunch of hobbies on a piece of paper. There were no magazine names or anything. This is what told me there was something wrong. Why wouldn't they advertise the names of the magazines they wanted me to order?

I explained to them that I didn't have any money. They went oh! That's okay! You can still help us get the points that we need. All you have to do is write a check and subscribe to the magazines. Then cancel within three days and you won't be charged. They tried to tell me that I wasn't supposed to call the bank and cancel the check because I would end up with a $30 fee.
Luckily, I knew that this was ridiculous and sent them on their way.

You have to be careful of these people. Unfortunately most of them are scams and you will never see the magazines or your money ever again.

Friday, May 14, 2010

How many times have you gone rootin' through your junk drawer muttering to yourself 'Where'd I put that gun?

  • I will always love you.
  • Even if I deny it.
  • I'm really scared to move to California.
  • I'm afraid of going to college.
  • But I'm so excited.
  • I'm having a party by Athenas tomorrow.
  • I'm really excited.
  • My sister Liz's bridal shower is Sunday.
  • That should be fun.
  • I told a counselor that I smoke pot for my depression.
  • She goes "Yep, been there."
  • :)
  • It takes moving away to realize how many friends you have.
  • I hope I'm making the right choice...

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Am I a disappointment?

It's game time again! I have so many of these that I need to pick and choose which to do every week! I think I might be addicted to blog games... Think they have a BGA? (blog gamers anonymous?)

Okay here's my confessions for the week:

  • I do want to be like those girls on tv... even if it's an unhealthy dream....
  • I wish I were a better blogger, I wish I had more followers, and I realize that not everyone can have a million followers.... but it would be nice to be one of those bloggers...
  • I get made fun of for being afraid of butterflies all the time. Why? I don't make fun of you for being afraid of spiders.
  • Some days I just want to fight someone. Not verbally, physically. I don't like violence and I feel terrible if I hurt someone. I just like fighting.
  • I think that I deserve better than most of the people I'm surrounded by. Does this make me conceited?
  • I really wish my mother would stop blaming her cancer on everyone... It's not like we could have done anything to prevent it.
  • I realize that she's just hurting and doesn't know where to put her feelings, but some days I hate her for it.
  • I have terrible grammar and I'm very self conscious of it.
  • I didn't realize how dumb that sounded until I said it.
  • I'm celebrating being clean of drugs for 1 year next month (well, I still smoke pot but honestly it's mostly for my depression)
  • I'm really excited about it, but I can't even share it with my family. (They're completely clueless)
  • It freaks me out that I lived with 4 other people and no one saw it.
  • For 3 years.
  • My mother just found out that I've drank before. (I'm only 19, need to be 21 here in the states) and she's so proud of herself.
  • I'd never tell her I've been drinking since I was 12....
  • My father told my mother the other day that he doesn't talk to me because I'm to negative of a person. (They didn't realize I was at the bottom of the stairs trying to call up to them)
  • It honestly broke my heart. I always thought he just wasn't a talkative guy... Thanks Dad.
  • Mother's day is coming up and Mom says that she doesn't want anything. But if we don't get anything for her, she's gonna be a bitch for 3 days...
  • And then next time we get into an argument she'll bring up the fact that I couldn't even be bothered to get her a gift.
  • My family has successfully ruined every holiday of the year for me. I don't even want to celebrate my birthday anymore.
  • I cry every night between thanksgiving and Christmas because I don't have the money to get gifts for my family.
  • They always say that they don't care, but I still feel like a terrible person.
  • I don't feel safe here anymore.
  • I don't feel safe anywhere anymore.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I left the light on for you...

Hey everyone! Sorry I disappeared for a month. Had a lot going on, but I'm back! :)

Time for another one of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop questions.

2.) Divorce Dreams…a tempting alternative? A disaster to be avoided? Ever an option? Advice? What’s your take?

This one is interesting because this is kind of what I'm going through...

Toby and I are *married* We never got legally married. But this is the closest that either of us wants.
We are also * separated* Whatever that means.

We aren't together, but we live together. We sleep in the same bed at night, but we're allowed to see other people.

I think all the time about what it would be like... not having him here all the time... not getting pissed off at all the stupid things he says... being in the arms of another...

But I'm still in love.
And it makes things terribly difficult.

I don't think there's anything wrong with fantasizing about another life.
As long as you remember "The grass isn't always greener on the other side."

Mama's Losin' It

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's been the worst day since yesterday.

Yesterday, my cousin's wife died. It was completely unexpected.
I'm not sure we ever met, but we talked quite a bit on facebook.

Almost none of the family will be able to make it to the funeral.

R.I.P Jana
We love you.
We miss you terribly.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

People on the 14th floor, you know what floor you're really on!

I stole borrowed this idea for a blog from Photog Nazi.

Thirteen things that I can't trust.

1. Cheaters - No second chance here for that. Sorry bub.

2. Perfection - It's always a trap.

3. Politicians -Duh.

4. Police - Not a single one.

5. Emus - It could cost you your life.

6. Tattooists - I love tattoos, but I've never met a tattooist that I wasn't a little weary of.

7. Restaurant food - I've been a cook.

8. Amusement parks - I've been a ride operator too.

9. Actors - Just about lived in a theater for 8 years. Actors aren't people. They are just good at pretending. ;)

10. Drunk people - Now, that would just be silly.

11. Strangers - Just instinct.

12. Ladders - You never know which way they're going!

13. Librarians - They lurk around every corner.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is my best friend Kitty.

She's only 5'2" and the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.

We've been best friends for 11 years. We've both done dumb things and we've both torn holes in happiness. But this friendship is unconditional.

She's getting married in 2 weeks! I'm so happy for her! and a little nervous for her at the same time.

I can't imagine how her poor mother feels. Baby girls finally growing up and leaving.
But we all gotta go sometime right?

She's moving to California this summer. And, I'm really happy that's she's happy and getting out of this place and living her life and doing what she wants to...

But I'm going to miss her so badly. It kind of hurts a little to talk about.

I love you Kitty with all my heart!
<3 <3 <3

the long road

Monday, March 8, 2010

I hate the city.

My husband and I went and spent the night with a couple of friends Saturday night.

It was going pretty well. We hung out, played video games, laughed, enjoyed People of Walmart, etc.

So friend 1 and us hung out while friends 2 and 3 went out to the bar.

We laughed some more, played more video games, enjoyed some Pablo Francisco, etc.

Then friends 2 and 3 came home.

And I thought they had been hit by a car.

They went out to the bar, had a few drinks, and were walking back home. Six guys drove by and were all staring at them. Friend 2 thought he knew them so he put his hands up (as to say hey, what's up?).
They stopped the car and got out.
All that they remember between the car stopping and hitting the ground is that one of them had a billy club.

Friend 2 had a concussion and some cuts and bruises.
Friend 3 had a concussion, 2 broken teeth, a busted lip, a broken nose, and some other cuts and bruises. And his wallet was missing.

All because these guys thought that my friends had flipped them off.

Friday, March 5, 2010

She told me I owed them my life

mothers unconditional love Pictures, Images and Photos

A mother's love is unconditional right?
Can there be an exception to that?
I'm not doubting my mother's love for me.
Just the intentions.

Parent's house
Last week

Mom: You keep on talking about wanting to go to school, but you hate teachers and classes.
Me: It's not that I hate teachers I just don't get along well with most of them. I do terribly want to go to school, I just don't want to start my life in debt. I don't have that kind of money. And unless jobs start magically appearing, I'm not going to have that kind of money when I get out of school.
Mom: What do you mean, you don't want to start your life in debt? You are in debt already.
Me: Uh, what? No I'm not...
Mom: Yeah, to Dad and me. You owe us your life. We're letting you live here.
Me: Oh, and the money I'm giving you guys?
Mom: But we're your parents, you owe us your life anyway.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's difficult not to feel a little disappointed.

Writer's Workshop!
Mama Kat's prompt for the week.
1.) 10 Reasons why you’re better off without him….or her….or it.

There are ten reasons why I'm better off without him. I just need to find them.

1. He lives forever away. He moved away 2 -3 years ago and I've only seen Him twice since.

2. He's not into being in a committed relationship. I couldn't have a dispassionate relationship with him.

3. I'm married. I think that's what we're still calling it...

4. There's too much tension between us when we hang out. It's almost stressful.

5. We're on completely different planes of the universe. He's almost too perfect to be true.

6. We have a professional life together.

7. I try not to date thespians. They're a little too dramatic.
(Sorry! xD )

8. I want to move away from this continent some day. He's set with staying here.

Okay, almost 10. Good enough right?

Monday, February 8, 2010

I married a chauvinist.

Now that's not really a fair statement. He is a lot more than that. Toby is a wonderful guy with a great attitude towards life. He treats me well and wants nothing more than to be happy. But, he is a male chauvinist.

Maybe I'm just trying to make excuses, but honestly, I don't blame him entirely for it. I blame his mother and the men she married. He grew up watching her get pushed around by men, and that's how he was taught that women are to be treated. Nobody ever told him that his mother was marrying shitty guys and didn't know how to stand up for herself.

When I say that, I don't mean that he hits me or orders me around the house or anything. He is very polite and would never lay a finger on a woman (unless they asked him too).
It's just that he automatically assumes that women are wrong. I can tell him that the sky isn't actually blue, but he doesn't believe me until a male walks in and says it's true.

I'm not sure if it's fear of a women or need to control, but it's there. And it's not just Toby either. His brother and sister that lived in that house are the same way. His brother thinks women are disposable, and every guy his sister gets with walk all over her.

I have to stop and wonder if I'm wasting my time trying to help. I try so very hard to help him see that you don't need to be a male to be intelligent and that women are equal to men and should be treated as such. But is it worth it?

I guess I need to stop and think am I in the wrong? These are my feelings on the matter, but what if I'm wrong? Who am I to decide such matters? I want everyone be treated equally, but does that mean that everyone deserves to be treated equally?

And for that matter, what if I'm just blowing this whole thing way out of proportion?

I wish life had bolder lines...
Excuse me, I need to re-analyze my life.