Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scam artists or the art of scamming.

So these two people came to my door yesterday. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't the UPS man with my Athenas box, but I greeted them as any other.

They were very polite by never introduced themselves; Which at the time, I took no notice of.
They told me that they were doing a project for their class (never a school name nor type of class or anything) where they needed to talk to people to help improve eye contact, speech, not spitting on people, etc.

They asked me a few questions what I did for hobbies, what I was going to school for, that kind of thing. Then explained that they were selling magazines for a trip to Bermuda or Cancun or one other place. They gave me a couple of stock cards laminated in some cheap thick plastic and explained how they got points for selling magazines. These cards were nothing more than a bunch of hobbies on a piece of paper. There were no magazine names or anything. This is what told me there was something wrong. Why wouldn't they advertise the names of the magazines they wanted me to order?

I explained to them that I didn't have any money. They went oh! That's okay! You can still help us get the points that we need. All you have to do is write a check and subscribe to the magazines. Then cancel within three days and you won't be charged. They tried to tell me that I wasn't supposed to call the bank and cancel the check because I would end up with a $30 fee.
Luckily, I knew that this was ridiculous and sent them on their way.

You have to be careful of these people. Unfortunately most of them are scams and you will never see the magazines or your money ever again.


  1. I've had these little darlings at my door numerous times. But I have a secret weapon. Two secret weapons actually. Harry is about 90 pounds, part pit bull and part shar pei. He snarls on hand signal command. Honey is a german shepherd / put bull mix and about 70 pounds. She looks pure evil. I tell the solicitors they can't reach toward me to hand me anything. These dogs are very protective. No more magazines I don't want! No more religion I don't want either!