Friday, May 14, 2010

How many times have you gone rootin' through your junk drawer muttering to yourself 'Where'd I put that gun?

  • I will always love you.
  • Even if I deny it.
  • I'm really scared to move to California.
  • I'm afraid of going to college.
  • But I'm so excited.
  • I'm having a party by Athenas tomorrow.
  • I'm really excited.
  • My sister Liz's bridal shower is Sunday.
  • That should be fun.
  • I told a counselor that I smoke pot for my depression.
  • She goes "Yep, been there."
  • :)
  • It takes moving away to realize how many friends you have.
  • I hope I'm making the right choice...

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  1. Don't worry about California or college! I've done both and it's really not that bad. Sometimes you have to step out of the comfort zone Honey!

  2. That counselor is a keeper!