Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Great Day!

So Raine and I had a yard sale today!
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Of course, it was a bunch of crap. But it was still a lot of fun!
we started bringing every thing out at 8:30 am and while we were unpacking some people showed up to search through our boxes! They even helped us unpack! It was really cool.
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Today was such a great day for a yard sale because up the street they were having a parade! so we had all that traffic passing by the house to stop and check things out. And it was sunny and beautiful all day! which was great because it's been raining nonstop since April.
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This guy came by (didn't buy anything) that had come by last month when we had a yard sale and was a total jerk to us! He kept on insisting to buy a firetruck that Ryder was playing with even though we told him over and over wasn't for sale. Then he got all upset because we had a train set but we didn't have the tracks. Like, getting mad at us over it. We were like uhh... sorry man but we have no idea where it is. I couldn't believe the nerve of him coming back again.

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But other than that schmuck, we had a pretty good day. We made $45 which was cool cause we gave mom $15 for the shutters we sold then we split the other $15. Not to bad for 5 hours at a yard sale.

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Then at about 1:30 neither of us wanted to bring the stuff in the house, but we knew it was going to rain soon so we packed up. We had great timing too! just as we were closing the door it started raining. And it poured and poured and poured. It was such a nice ending to a great but hot yard sale.

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Can't wait til we do it again tomorrow!

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  1. Once when I had a yard sale (about 20 years ago), and English gal (student at the college) came by. She had never heard of a "yard sale" and asked what it was all about. I explained it, and she was simply amazed. Said something along the lines of "You Americans have the oddest traditions!" in that wonderful British accent. She said she was going to return home and start a new trend in England. I have no idea whether she did that or not (if so, I'd think 20 years would be long enough for yard sales to hav become common!) or whether yard sales were actually already common in England and she had just never been to one. But I found it amusing anyway. She was just so excited about this new "discovery" she had made. :)